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About Us

Sip and Sew DC was created in 2014 by fashion designer Cecily Stewart Habimana and sewing instructor Tisha Thorne. Both Cecily and Tisha have been sewing since they were young girls and wanted to spread their love of sewing throughout the D.C. Metro region.

“Sewing is not only a special skill, but also an art form in its own right and a fun hobby, especially when you add a little wine to the mix,” Thorne says.

The duo has found that wine helps to relax attendees, especially newcomers who perceive sewing to be much harder than it actually is.


“People come in with a lot of anxiety about sewing,” says Habimana, who started her clothing line in high school and designed her first garment at the age of 16. “Our laid back teaching style combined with the moral support our students give to each other and that nice glass of chardonnay in their hand all help to take the edge off a bit.”

Habimana also notes that it’s more than the wine that draws attendees to the workshops.

“We noticed that there really aren’t many places where people can take physical sewing classes, even though there is clearly a demand for it,” she says. “So, we decided to fill that void, then take it one step further by making it more of a social affair.”

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. The classes, which take place all year long, are very popular.