Kimono Pattern


Its finally here and we are happy to share with everyone the Kimono Pattern! This pattern is perfect for every occasion. Make it for yourself or give it to a loved one. Please don't forget to share your photos.

This pattern comes in two different lengths

Sizes: Small - 3XL (Size chart below)



3 yards for hip length

4 yards for calf length






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    Kimono Pattern

    Angela Larks
    Kimono Pattern

    I’m a beginner sewer, I’ve completed quilts and pillow cases. With that said, I thought this would be an easy project. First, the font and and picture of the fabric layout were not only too small but even when enlarged were not readable. I figured it out though and everything was going well until it was time to assemble the sleeves. I kept getting the bunching where the sleeve met the side seam. I spent a lot of time ripping out stitches. I stepped away from the project and went over and over in my head what I could possibly be doing wrong. After many failed attempts, I went to YouTube and searched “how to sew kimono sleeves”. I found ONE video where a lady did a step by step tutorial on the proper way to sew kimono sleeves, including the proper seam allowance and where to end and begin them. As I was making six African print kimonos for a girl’s trip I had to get it right! In the end I figured it out with the help from YouTube. Guess what, now I know how to put together kimono sleeves! So as a beginner sewer, I could have used more instruction and larger, clearer font. Because of the above reasons, I give this pattern 3 stars. However, now that I worked out the difficult parts, I would use it again. Thank you.

    Gwendolyn Jackson
    Kimono Vibes

    I love this pattern. I sized up and down to gift to several people. It's roomy and comfy.

    Carol Cummings
    My Kimono/ the SewMuchSoul pattern

    Wow, the kimono pattern is really easy to follow and because of the fabric mixing ideas I've gotten from you guys, I have the most beautiful kimono!! thank you. I made the 3x version, and it fits like a charm.


    I haven’t made it yet but I’m excited to do so.

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