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Magic Pins Quilting Fine 50pc: Comfort Grip & Heat Resistant

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Introducing the Magic Pins Quilting Fine 50pc by Taylor Seville Originals, a revolutionary tool designed to transform your quilting projects with unparalleled precision and comfort. These fine quilting pins, measuring 1.75in in length and .5mm in diameter, are specially crafted with a comfort grip head, allowing quilters to easily pick up, place, and remove pins without strain or slippage, even during the most intricate of quilting tasks.

Beyond their ergonomic design, these Magic Pins stand out for their heat-resistant quality, making them a robust ally against the heat of an iron. This feature ensures that your pins remain undamaged and straight, preserving the integrity of your quilting fabrics and patterns.

Each set of 50 pins is not just a tool but a companion in your creative journey, housed in a beautifully designed, secure storage case. This case not only keeps your pins safely organized but also adds a touch of elegance to your quilting space. The striking blue heads of the pins not only add a pop of color but ensure easy visibility against any fabric backdrop, reducing the chance of missing pins during work or cleanup.

Crafted from the finest metal and plastic, the Magic Pins Quilting Fine are built to last, ensuring that quilters can rely on their precision and durability for countless projects. Whether you are a seasoned quilter or just starting, these pins are tailored to support your passion, creativity, and dedication to quilting, making every project a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

  • Comfort Grip Design: Easy to pick up and hold, reducing hand fatigue during long quilting sessions.
  • Heat Resistant Feature: Safe to iron over without damage, enhancing your quilting efficiency.
  • High Precision Quilting Pins: Fine 1.75in and .5mm size for detailed quilting work.
  • Secure Storage Case: Comes with a designer case that closes securely, ensuring no pin is lost.
  • Durable Construction: Made of high-quality metal and plastic, designed for long-lasting use.
Magic Pins Quilting Fine 50pc: Comfort Grip & Heat Resistant
Magic Pins Quilting Fine 50pc: Comfort Grip & Heat Resistant Sale price$14.00